How to win at Roulette?

It is commonly believed that it is impossible to beat the roulette table. Any and all systems players come up with are normally demolished by the house edge which is 2.7% (because of the Zero). That's 1/37th and is based on the roulette rules.

Actually, it is possible to win at the roulette wheel. That has been proved experimentally using trainers, and later on real and electronic roulettes. Incredible as it may sound, that is true. To win at the roulette wheel, all you need to do is learn to foreknow more than 52% of the winning numbers. That result can only be achieved by practice using the intuition trainer. The 50% to 60% successful result is entirely realistic. It can be achieved in one or two months of training. That is the very intuition that has been so much touted recently. Much better results can also be achieved but only after a long training. At M.S. Norbekov's intuition development courses, they hand out special cards for that purpose.
I have attended those courses and can attest that for the first few days trying to guess which card it is going to be seems weird. Many don't believe in that. From my own experience, however, I can assure you that deducing 95 out of 100 is no magic. Importantly, we were often told: "You are not guessing but deducing". I think that's a fundamental point. There is a flavor of doubt in the "guessing", but the "deducing" has things straight.

To win while playing roulette, you don't necessarily have to deduce which number is going to win. You can also – something I do myself – watch where the marker is moving (that's the object the dealer puts on the winning number). In the electronic roulette, the movement of the marker is displayed automatically. For example, in our Magic Roulette Intuition software trainer you need to deduce which numbers will win – those "1 to 18" or "19 to 36". So, you need to deduce the direction where the marker will go – right or left. Later on, you will apply the skill of deduction at the real casino table.

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